About Science

At Science, we convert deep technical understanding into life-changing therapies

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Science develops advanced technologies with the goal to, over time, blur the line between medical devices and consumer electronics. Today we are focused on debilitating conditions for which there is a serious unmet medical need. As these technologies mature, they hold the potential to profoundly reshape the human condition.

An microfabrication engineer inspecting images from an electron microscope

At Science, we have a broad mandate to follow interesting science wherever it may lead us in pursuit of important new products

Program-based approach

Our work is divided into top-level groupings we call Programs, each working to solve some family of serious unmet needs. The lead project of Program 1, Neural Engineering, is our retinal visual prosthesis. As we continue to make progress, we will announce both further projects within this area as well as other unrelated programs.

A biologist replacing a filter on a custom 2-photon imaging rig

Vertical integration

We are strong believers in owning our own infrastructure, both for how it enables exceptional velocity as well as for more technically sophisticated products. As such, we operate significant in-house capabilities ranging from cleanroom microfabrication facilities to cell engineering laboratories to animal housing and surgery.

A scientist closing the sash on a biosafety cabinet